Them: What the Indians really smoked in their peace pipes.

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Sioux Indian Pictures - The Civil War You Found It! An Incredible Collection of Sioux Indian Pictures

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The Original ~ The homepage, has been Serving the Tribes, While Sharing the Culture since 1995.

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The Comanche Indians, Texas Indians When they moved they would load every thing on to a wooden frame made of two poles called a travois. The poles came from the tee-pee and a horse would pull the.

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Horses and Bridles of the American Indians: Mike Cowdrey. Horses and Bridles of the American Indians [Mike Cowdrey, Ned & Jody Martin, Winfield Coleman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This 12' x 13.

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Native American Travois (Indian Drag Sleds for Dogs and. Native American travois for dog Native American travois for horse: A travois, also known as a drag sled, was a traditional Native American tool for carrying loads.

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Crow Indians - Crystalinks Crow Indians. Flag. The Crow, also called the Absaroka or Apsaalooke, are a tribe of Native Americans who historically lived in the Yellowstone river valley and now.

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Crazy Horse/Tashunkewitko, Oglala - Crazy Horse/Tashunkewitko, Oglala Crazy Horse, as Remembered by Ohiyesa (Charles A. Eastman) 'A very great vision is needed and the man who has it must follow it as.

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Free Horse Coloring Pages - Printable Worksheets for Kids These horse coloring pages are free coloring pictures for kids. Huge selection of pictures: battles horses, circus horses, equestrians, jockeys, etc.